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Hypnotherapy Society
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British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
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Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology UK
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Positive Thinking

The Peiffer Foundation

Health Beauty Issues

Health and Beauty Guide

Hair growth treatment

Hair Growth News

Comprehensive information on hair growth treatments. Covers everything from basic hair biology to excessive hair growth problems. Hair and hair disease information with answers to common questions, treatment details.

Alopecia areata information

Information to explain the causes of alopecia areata. Discussion on its nature, symptoms and development process.

Androgenetic alopecia advice

Appropriate androgenetic alopecia care entails a proper understanding of the causal factors, disease mechanisms and treatment of the problem.

Designer headwear and accessories for hair loss

A large range of 100% silk and 100% cotton headwear. Soft hats, fitted headscarves, wraps, headbands as well as a variety of corsages and broaches.

Recommended hairdressing salon

020 7287 0788

Jigami use H2O water colour which is 95% water based that does not containany peroxide, ammonia, alcohol, mercury or resorcinol. It is completely odourless. H2O Colour can be used as a semi, demi or permanent hair colour and is very effective in covering grey hair.

Geopathic Stress/Electro Stress/Geopsychic Stress

Giulia Holland is an outstanding practitioner who can remove stress from buildings, places and landscapes. She has years of experience with sick building syndrome and reams of successes with her work. Contact Giulia at

YouTube videos by HairgrowthUK

Here you can find some further videos which will tell you more about how we work at HairgrowthUK.

Hair loss – different types
Hair loss – some success stories

Energy Wristbands

Check out these energy wristbands by my colleague Amanda Brooks. She has developed these simple and easy to wear wristbands that are imbued with various energetic corrections and frequencies to support the manifestation of ‘Abundance’, ‘Living in the Moment’ and ‘Feeling Grounded, Balanced and Energised’, with a ‘Love’ wristband coming soon!

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