Vera Peiffer


Female client (37) with ophiasic alopecia

This detox cycle has been amazing. The usual bouts of extreme tiredness and lethargy are gone. My skin has been clear and I’ve also had no metal taste. My hair has had the largest growth cycle I’ve ever had. I have new growth everywhere. The bald areas are filling in with thick black hair.

Male client with male pattern hair loss

My head is full of hair or fuzz. My bald spot is getting smaller and is covered with thin hair. Hair is even growing at the front of my head in parts that were bald for many years. On top of my head, hair is getting stronger and darker. On top of my head, the two sides with strong hair are getting closer [together] and soon the corridor with thin hair will disappear. I don’t remember when was the last time I had hair so strong on top of my head.

What our clients say:
Hair growth - so much better. The very first patch is still closing in but there are approx 4 cm length. The back of the head is closed in with very good growth. The hair is dar,, hair is getting much longer and gets a bit shinier. I don't remember when I had the last headache, and energy levels are very good. My skin has improved a lot and I'm getting compliments for my skin now. Thank you.
My hairdresser remarked the incredible improvement... in terms of volume and thickness of my hair. In particular, she said that now my hair has the same thickness all the way through to the end of the hair.
Less hair falls out than before, even though some hair still falls out. Hair looks bulkier, feels fuller and grows faster. [Female Italian client (46) with alopecia androgenetica.]
I've noticed there are only a few hair strands on my pillow in the mornings less than 10, my scalp is less itchy and sensitive. Tiredness reduced. Bloating has also calmed down. [Female UK client after 7 weeks of food exclusions and supplements.]
Hair looks bulkier and fuller... Less hair falls out. Hair grows faster, seems to last longer in the regrowth cycle. Hair on top can now grow longer than before. Front is becoming a bit denser. Noticable. My barber says more hair is growing through the centre of the crown where there was very little before. [M.H., male UK client, 39]
Less hair falls out than before, hair feels fuller and looks bulkier even though I can't see new growth and my hair grows faster. Female client, 46, Italy after one year of detox and supplements.
I have less hair loss than last year, and see some little hair growing especially on the forehead hair line, even though they look curlier than the long ones. [Swiss female client after 8 weeks on a changed diet and metal detox.]
I am (in the best way) overwhelmed with the amount of information that you provided for me. In 20 years no one has taken the time or been knowledgeable enough to make these connections to my health and my hair loss - and I am so grateful to have found you and that you took my case! (Female US client on receiving her first test results]
Scalp/hair: I notice tiny little hairs emerging here and there on top of my forehead, but they're very weak and they die off quickly. Basically, very weak fine hairs that weren't there before, but clearly need more growth and nutrients. [Male US client with MPB who has started regrowth. He'll have to continue with his detox supplements and food exclusions a while longer before these new hairs can grow thicker and stronger and stay.]
The small hairs in the middle of my scalp and in the crown area are becoming thicker. My wife has noticed this, and in photos, what used to be a bald spot now looks slightly darker. Crusty scalp happens very rarely. Vellous hair slightly more visible on the scalp.
I have noticed a lot less hair loss. Scalp is not burning as much which is the usual cause of the hair loss. (Female US client, 69)
Mein Haarausfall hat sich stark verringert! Und ich meine wirklich stark. Das kann ich nun schon seit dem 23. September beobachten, also schon einige Wochen hintereinander. Ich habe nun schon viele Wochen hinter mir, wo ich morgens nur wenig Haare in der Bürste hatte und auch tagsüber, als ich mit den Händen durch die Haare gegangen bin, nicht ein einziges Haar in den Händen! [My hair loss has reduced a lot! And I mean a lot. In the mornings, I have only a few hair in my hair brush, and during the day, when I go through my hair with my hands, I don't have a single hair that comes out!] Miss JG (26), Germany, after 6 months on food exclusions and detox supplements.
Hairgrowth on head: old one [=existing new hair] is growing faster and bulkier. It reaches my shoulders, incredible!! New one [= recently grown new hair] on the top stable. [Italian female client, 55, who had lost all the hair on her head and body before she started treatment.]
Theo has had one patch on the left side of his head that grew to about three inches in circumference. It is now filling in from the centre with dark hair and light hair all around. [UK male teenager, 15.]
Ich habe jetzt seit 2 1/2 Wochen nicht einen einzigen Pickel mehr bekommen.Ich finde das unglaublich, ich habe nicht gedacht, dass sowas möglich ist.Zudem habe ich in den letzten Tagen beobachten können, dass nach dem Kämmen deutlich weniger Haare in der Bürste waren. (For the last 2 1/2 weeks I noticed that I have not had a single pimple. I found that unbelievable - I didn't think this could happen. In addition, I have noticed that over the last few days, I have a lot less hair in my hairbrush after combing.) German female client (26) after 4 weeks of changing her diet and taking supplements tested for her with the help of her hair sample.
Your workshop helped me understand what I need to do to help my hair regrow, and since working on my stress levels and changing my diet, I have already seen some improvment in my hair growth. Brilliant stuff - thank you! T. Warren, London
Wissen Sie was? Ich habe seit ca. über 4 Wochen keinen Harausfall mehr. Ich wollte zuerst sicher sein, bevor ich Ihnen das mitteile! Es sieht sogar nach viel Haar aus. Sie sind ja nur immer zu einer gewissen Länge gewachsen, aber sie sind viel dicker geworden. Ich bin selber sehr überrascht! Ich bedanke mich noch ganz, ganz herzlich bei Ihnen. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass wir das noch hinbekommen, obwohl ich immer ein gutes Gefühl bei Ihnen hatte! Also nochmals vielen, vielen Dank. Sie haben mir eine große Last genommen, und ich bin mir sicher, dass es so bleibt! [Guess what? I have not had any hair loss for the last 4 weeks. I just wanted to make sure before telling you! It looks like I have a lot more hair. My hair used to only grow to a certain length, but now it has become a lot thicker. I'm surprised myself. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not believe that we would be able to sort this [hair loss problem], even though I always had a very good feeling with you. Once again, a million thanks; you have taken a big burden off me, and I'm sure things will continue to go well.] Swiss female client, 43.
War letzte Woche bei meiner Kosmetikerin zum Wimpern färben und Augenbrauen zupfen. Sie meinte, die Wimpern seien jetzt viel dichter, mit dickeren Haaren, und auch bein Haarewaschen ist mir aufgefallen, dass einige dicker wirkende Haare da sind.
This is what I see: Tiny new hairs are coming out of the previously empty follicles. Hope that’s a good sign. [US female client, age 53, after food eliminations and supplement plan for 9 months. And yes, this was a very good sign!]
This detox cycle has been amazing. The usual bouts of extreme tiredness and lethargy are gone. My skin has been clear [...] and I've also had no metal taste. [...] My hair has had the largest growth cycle I've ever had. I have new growth everywhere. The bald areas are filling in with thick black hair. Female client (37) with ophiasic alopecia.
This [re-test] reaches you a little late as have been on holiday. Whilst on holiday I went wigless which I have continued on my return. There are a few thin bits [of hair] but I have enough to cover up. (Will send you a photo.) It feels great especially in the heat! Eyelashes and eyebrows still growing but can't really be seen yet. Am keeping fingers crossed it continues! Hair quality is still dry and wavy. [Female client with alopecia totalis.]
There is still some dandruff and itchiness, but it's much better. Less hair falls out than before and I can notice some new hairgrowth (tiny hair). [After 12 weeks on the supplements tested with Test 5 of the hair sample test.]
The treatment even works for animals! Diane contacted me to say that her cat Barney had lost nearly all the hair along his spine because he was overgrooming (constant licking over the area). This had been going on for two years, and the vet did not know what to do about it. Diane sent me a hair sample of Barney and as I tested it, I found that the overgrooming was a stress reaction. Barney must have had a shock, maybe a near accident, which made him become obsessive about grooming. I was able to test which homeopathic remedy was necessary to help him overcome the shock. Diane put one drop of the remedy on Barney's food every night, and after four weeks, all the fur had regrown and Barney had stopped overgrooming. Psychotherapy with homeopathic drops!
The results have been astounding - I can't thank you enough. I have recommended your service to many people.
The good news is that I am experiencing a little regrowth of hair now! It is at the corners of the temples where I can see new hair pushing up. The hair is small and still ight colored like baby hairs but it is definitely new as it is in an area where it was not before. [39-year-old male client, USA]
The dandruff is clear and has been for several weeks.... My hair is looking fuller in the back and sides, however, it's still slightly thin on top. [18-year-old young man with male pattern baldness after 8 months of detox with supplements and food exclusions.]
The dandruff is almost entirely gone and has been for a while now which is good. [...} I am losing much less hair in the shower (almonst none) so actual hair loss seems to be no problem. Male client (18)
The bald patches at the sides and snaking around the back of my head are slowly filling in with strong thick black hair. It seems as if it's being coloured in with lots of fine hair so the bald areas are not as prominent. I feel great and am much less self-conscious. Thanks Vera. [37-year-old female client who suffered with ophiasic hair loss which is notoriously difficult to treat.]
Thanks, Vera. Also just to note that I said in my feedback that I had not noticed much difference in my hair but on sedcond thoughts I think it is improving a bit as I think I have noticed very recently that the baby hairs around my hair line have increased.
T's hair is thick and strong.... He is sleeping well. His skin is good - not picking. [14-year-old boy with hair loss after detox supplements and food exclusions.]
Shedding has reduced to 20 - 25 hairs a day from 150 - 200. It was thinning at the front and crown of the head. My hair has started to thicken. [Male client after 10 weeks on supplements that were tested with Test 5 of the hair sample test.]
Shedding has decreased so much I actually had to cut my hair for the sample instead of taking it from the brush. My hair still feels like there's no body or weight to it but I understand it's very early days.
Sehr geehrte Frau Peiffer, Im Jahr 2009 haben Sie eine Haarprobe von mir untersucht, da ich an kreißrundem Haarausfall leide. Ihre Ergebnisse kamen prompt. Anhand Ihrer Diagnose habe ich meine Ernährung umgestellt, kein Weizenmehl/kaum noch Milch, und Ihre weiteren Ratschläge befolgt. Allein diese Erkenntnisse haben mir SEHR weitergeholfen, da bis heute kein Schulmediziner diese Diagnose bestätigen konnte, obwohl es mir seither deutlich besser geht. Kaum noch Beschwerden nach dem Essen... Meine Haare wachsen auch wieder!!! Von 95% Verlust bis ca 15% Verlust (momentan noch), wenn das keine Verbesserung ist, dann weiss ich es nicht, und so wie es aussieht, werden die meisten Haare wieder nachwachsen. Ich danke Ihnen sehr! Ich kann es noch immer nicht verstehen, wie die Schulmedizin so verbohrt sein kann, und den Menschen, die wirklich leiden, nicht mittels der Alternativmedizin weiterhilft/helfen möchte. Ich jedenfalls erzähle gerne von Ihrer Hilfe / Diagnose. Vielen Dank und alles Gute. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ulrike G.
Not only has my hair started growing again, but my scalp is now totally normal and no longer flaky and dry, and the acne on my back has also disappeared. Doing the hair sample test and taking the supplements has been worth every penny, and I would recommend it to anyone with a hair loss problem!
My scalp inflammation has reduced along with the large quantity of hair that was falling out. [Female US client after one week of taking supplements and stopping eating foods she is intolerant to.]
My head is full of hair or fuzz. My bald spot is getting smaller and is covered with thin hair. Hair is even growing at the front of my head in parts that were bald for many years. On top of my head, hair is getting stronger and darker. On top of my head, the two sides with strong hair are getting closer [together] and soon the corridor with thin hair will disappear. I don't remember when was the last time I had hair so strong on top of my head. [Spanish male client, 37]
My hair was on the mend [after having had the hair sample tests done and taking relevant supplements]. My hairdresser said I have loads of new hair but then I went on holiday in April and May where I was eating everything (gluten, sugar, dairy) and my hair got worse noticeably. My scalp was irritated as well. Now I'm back to my strict regime. [Female client. This example shows how important it is to avoid foods you are intolerant to as this has an effect on how well your hair grows. Food intolerances are something we test for when you send in your hair sample (see Service section of this website).
My hair used to form 'partings' where you could see the scalp on top and back of head. This has more or less stopped and you cannot see the scalp as much. The hair also feels fuller when I go through it with my hand or comb. [Male client after doing hair sample test and taking supplements for 8 months.]
My hair seems to be improving. I'm noticing tiny small hairs in places where there was no hair. My anxiety and OCD has really improved. I don't get very stressed or worried as much. My asthma has been excellent. No attacks at all. I'm looking forward to growing back all of my hair! (38 year old US male client)
My hair really looks and feels so much better since I first contacted you. THANK YOU for all the help and great advice. [48-year-old female client from Canada]
My hair is still coming out more than usual but I do see a lot of new growth. My excema is nearly gone! [Female client in Canada after 10 weeks on the treatment plan.]
My hair is looking the best it has ever been. Clean scalp, areas that were thin have filled in, less hair shedding (quite a lot less). Good nail growth, clear skin and bright eyes. Anxiety levels dropped significantly. Laugh a lot with ease (haven't laughed in a long time). [...] It has been quite a positive transformation, and I have never felt healthier. [50-year-old Australian female client after 6 months of detox and avoidance of foods she is intolerant to.]
My hair is growing very long and people are commenting on it. It's maintaining its colour. Even though I have a few grey hairs, my own colour (mid brown) prevails. [There is also] new growth, darker, longer, fuller [hair], less falls out - interesting - I've noticed repeatedly that if I eat cake/biscuits/sugar - then I have more hair loss when washing hair. [This female client (51) is intolerant to wheat and sugar, and she can see for herself that if she eats these foods, it has a negative effect on her hair.]1
My hair is growing and my friends tell me that they can't see my scalp anymore. Thank you. [Indian female client after 6 months of supplements and diet change.]
My hair is full and curlier than it has been for over a year. [50-year-old female client after 9 months of detox program.]
My hair has shown recovery. I can see a lot of new hair growth around the top of my head! The bloating and constipation has completely disappeared and exhaustion seems quite a bit reduced. One other thing I have noticed since not eating gluten is that my joints no longer hurt. My knees used to get very sore in the winter but so far I have not had a single problem with them!
My hair has been growing very well. They are getting thicker and stronger and almost all of my head is covered with hair again [after 9 years with no hair at all]. Some areas still have thinner coverage bur getting better. There are also some tiny eyebrow hairs.
My hair has been growing very well! By now, there are only a few spots on my head without any hair. The largest hair loss spot is on the back of my head (which was the first place where my hair started falling out 6 years ago). There are also more tiny eyelashes and eyebrows coming.
My hair and nails feel stronger, my hair feels normal again. It got darker. It is easier to style and does not stick to the sides anymore. Feels like there is more volume. It has a soul again. Thank you! Martina M. [US client after 8 weeks of food exclusions and tailor-made detox supplements.]
More tiny hairs in different parts of my head (mostly top and back of the head). There are also some tiny eyelashes and tiny eyebrow hairs. Hair on the back of the head has dark colour. I think there has been a huge progress within the last months! [Female client after 28 months of treatment.]
More good news: Exactly 24 hours after having my last cup of daily yogurt with blueberries, I noticed an improvement from a slight numbness and pain on my left upper arm. [Italian female client with hair loss 24 hours after leaving out a 'healthy' snack she was intolerant to. It shows you how food intolerances can have a detrimental effect on your health - and hair.]
Mir geht es sehr gut. Symptome habe ich jetzt keine mehr. Meine Haare waren schon lange nicht mehr so füllig wie jetzt! [I am feeling very well. All my symptoms have gone. My hair hasn't be as full as it is now for a long time. ] Female client, 52, after 12 months of hair sample testing and taking supplements.}
Meine Haare fallen kaum noch aus (max. 10-20 beim Kämmen) und fühlen sich so voll an wie noch nie! Das Haar ist dunkel und auch standfester als früher und sieht auch voller auch...neue Haare habe ich bisher leider noch nicht entdeckt, aber ich denke, wir sind nun wirklich auf einem guten Weg! [My hair is hardly falling out at all, (maximum 10-20 when brushing) and hair has never felt denser than it does now! My hair is darker and has more body than it has been before, and it looks denser as well... I cannot detect any new hair as yet but think that we are now well on our way of achieving this!]
Less hair falls out, my hair has more body and looks bulkier. My hair seems to be growing faster and there are tiny new hair in some places. [Female client (25)from the Middle East.]
Keine Blähungen mehr, keine Hautausschläge oder Hautjucken, geregelter Stuhlgang, es wachsen kleine Haare. [No more bloating, no eczema or itchy skin, regular bowel movements again and little hairs are starting to grow.] German female client, 68, after 8 weeks on supplements and food exclusions.
Just to give you an update on my hair - I have 75% of my head hair back and 15% of my eyebrows, so some good progress. Happy about that - would prefer more on my eyebrows of course!! Arms and legs about 35% covered in hair now. I'm sure you remember but 1-2 years ago there was nothing there, and that was for 5 years!. [Male client who had had a nail sample test done, had to change his diet and take supplements to detox.]
Just thought you might like to have some feedback. At the beginning of September this year [2008] you did a hair analysis for me and recommended some supplements which I have now been taking for about 10 weeks. I went to the hairdresser today. I still have hair integration around my crown but I had noticed that my own hair at the back and sides seeemed to have improved in texture. I thought perhaps I was imagining it because it is what I want to believe. The girl who did my hair today last did it three months ago. She asked if I had noticed a difference in my hair. I said that I had and what did she think the difference was. She said the texture is much better and it appears to be getting thicker. I am delighted because she must have noticed a significant difference to comment. I feel for the first time in almost ten years (which is when my hair first started falling) that just maybe I will beat this and in time be able to dispense with the integration. The other thing that I have noticed is that when I run my hands through my hair it doesn't come out.
It's working. I don't have a corridor anymore on top of my head; the two sides have joined together. My hair is much stronger and has volume. I mean, I touch it, and my hand bounce a bit. The little hair I used to have was so thin it lay flat on my scalp. Now it's getting stronger and with more colour. You can see my head is full of colourless hair, and some of it, especially in the center, is getting darker. Thanks Vera! [Male client, Spain]
It's been a week since I started the supplements and my shedding has dropped dramatically. I was shedding around 150 hairs a day before the program and it's now reduced to around 50. I'm stunned. My psoriasis patches have turned from red to pink and the itching has subsided. I know it's early days but I'm delighted with this progress at such an early stage. I will keep you informed if you so wish but I will definitely be paying for a re-test before the required date has expired. You have provided me with some hope that I can retain my hair and for that I thank you. [Male client UK, 37]
It is so lovely to be able to touch my hair without a handful coming out. [After 6 weeks on a changed diet and supplements tested with the hair sample test.]
It is all better. I see that there is the birth of new hair. [Italian male client after having followed treatment plan for 13 months.]
ich verliere in den letzten 2 Monaten deutlich weniger Haare. An dem Haaransatz wächst dunkles Haar nach. [49-jährige Klientin nach 8 Wochen Behandlung mit getesteten Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln] I have been losing considerably less hair over the last 2 months. On my hairline I can see dark hair regrowing. [49-year-old client after 8 weeks on tested supplements.]
Ich habe gute Neuigkeiten bezüglich meiner Symptome. Im Moment habe ich im Prinzip keinen Haarausfall mehr, ich hoffe, dass es so bleibt. Zudem habe ich keine Schuppen mehr, was sogar Freundin und Familie bemerkt haben. Die Kopfhaut juckt überhaupt nicht mehr! Male client, 39. [Ich have good news concerning my symptoms. At this point in time, my hair loss has stopped completely and I hope this stays like that. I also don't have any dandruff any more, and both my girl friend and family noticed. My scalp is not longer itchy.]
Ich fühle mich so fit wie lange nicht mehr. Am Ansatz der Stirn wachsen langsam ganz dünne neue Haare. Die Kopfhaut fühlt sich wieder lebendiger an. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass es meinen Haaren wirklich besser geht! (I feel incredibly fit, better than for a long time. There are new little hairs on the front hairline now. My scalp feels 'alive' again. I feel like my hair is getting better.) [Female client, 33, Germany]
I've carried out your instructions to the letter and have to say that I am feeling much,much better all round. My hair is definitely growing back (lots & lots of long hairs sprouting up in the front!) and although the sides are growing back too, they are at a slightly slower pace than the frontal hair. [62-year-old female client]
I'm so glad I came across your webpage! No one ever seems to tell you about mercury fillings and how they can affect your hair. I've now had mine sorted out and done your detox, and my hair has stopped falling out! Thank you!!!
I'm happy to let you know that there has been a lot of activity, i.e. hair growth in the past couple of months. On top of my head there is a lot of growth - this patch has been bald for the past 12 months. [Female client with alopecia totalis on the head after 6 months of taking the supplements tested for her and adjusting her diet.]
I would say about 95% of my head is covered with hair again. That's just amazing, considering that 3 years ago I basically didn't have any hair at all! On the sides of my head, there are still mostly tiny colourless hair, but I can notice their growth compared to the previous time. The hairless spot on the back of my head has become much smaller. My skin and nails are much better. Nails are strong and my skin is not so dry anymore (I don't have to use my hand moisturizer everyday!). I am very pleased with the huge progress within the last years and so grateful to you, dear Vera! Thank you for everything. MP
I will be posting another hair sample to you tomorrow and I am pleased to say that my hair is looking better and does not seem to be shedding as much.
I wanted to thank you guys for all the help with our daugher's alopecia areata. Hana had a strong regrowth, she doesn't have any [bald] spots at this moment and we are trying as much as possible to closely follow your dietary recommendations. We are so glad that we somehow stumbled upon your website! [6-year-old girl, USA]
I undertook the liver cleanse for 3 days and was amazed how incredibly thirsty I was for these days. I have also been sticking very carefully to my diet and avoiding the foods in question. I have even given up on the gluten free bread and have to say am feeling a lot better for this diet. I never realised how bloated or uncomfortable in the stomach I was feeling after eating, but not any more. I seem to have lost about 8 lbs since May [2010]. The bald spot on the left side of my head has filled in and there are some fine hairs growing in the ones just below my bottom lip. There are also some odd hairs growing on the top of my head. They seem very fine, but it is an encouragement as it has been barren there for a long time. [Male client after one year of taking detox supplements and changing his diet.]
I started losing my hair in round patches about ten years ago. My GP didn't know what to do, so I decided to consult a homeopath. The homeopath found that I was having a problem with a number of vaccinations I had had for travelling to the Far East, as well as a prolonged period of stress in my personal life. She prescribed homeopathic remedies and I had to return for quite a number of visits, but my hair finally started growing back
I read your book, and your CD is working. I've been using it for 3 months and my temples and the top of my head are covered with fuzz. It's amazing. Thank you! [Client who used the CD that comes with my book Regrowing Hair Naturally]
I now have hairgrowth which is coming in as you said at our last appointment.
I noticed that since moving my mobile phone away from my bedside table at night when it is charging, less hair is falling out. [A very important point! Do NOT have your phone or, even worse, a cordless phone anywhere near you while you are asleep. It disturbs your brain frequencies and can lead to serious health problems. Vera Peiffer]
I have taken the drops and supplements you tested for me. My skin has improved and I have noticed my mind feels a lot clearer, my memory has improved and I feel much less stressed. The scabs on my head are slowly going. I had 2 verucas on my right foot which I have had for about 6 years. About 2 weeks after starting the supplements they just fell off!
I have seen improvement in most of my symptoms such as exhaustion, depression, anxiety, constipation, diarrhea, irritability, fuzzy-headedness, acid reflux and migraines. I really do feel much better than I did at the start of all this and I thank you for that. Also, I just realized this week that I've had to shave my legs and armpits more frequently lately. It didn't dawn on me till just this week that my hair in these areas must be growing in fuller and thicker. [US female client after 6 months. Body hair growing faster is a very good sign because it means that toxicity is down and more nutrients are getting to hair follicles. I expect that it will take another 3 - 4 months on the supplement plan until this client sees improvements in the hair on her head. Vera Peiffer]
I have not been experiencing any eczema and have not had any since the last test. My vitiligo hasn't gotten worse other than a small white patch of hair behind my ear. Overall, my hair has shown improvement and new growth all over. [29-year-old US male client after 10 weeks of detox with supplements and food exclusions.]
I have continued to notice new hair growth all over. I also shed much less! Constipation and bloating have completely disappeared. [26 year old female client USA]
I feel better with my hair! I can see that they are more now. I see that they are growing now, also close to the front. For the first time maybe I have to cut them for the retest. [Italian female client, 36, after one year of changing diet and taking tailor-made supplements.]
Hi Vera, Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know JJ's hair is growing! It's still patchy and thick in some areas and thin in others. He is also getting hair on the body and his eyebrows are quite thick! His athletes foot also seems better. [E-mail from mother of a 14-year-old boy who lost all his hair two years ago and is now regrowing it after changing his diet and taking supplements that were tested for him.]
Hi Vera, I have lots of 1-2" new growth now and very little shedding. I wash every other day sometimes more days without washing.... Thank you. [US female client, age 28]
Hello Vera, :-))))) I am so so so pleased!!! Thank you very much for my results and all your help I feel amazing and am so grateful. I wasn't expecting my mercury levels to be clear or the fungus to be dead. I'm ecstatic at the news. Finally seeing hair growth that seems to be staying put just shows me my system needed an overhaul and I am so pleased the universe sent you as my gift!
Hair: looks healthy and shiny, I have lots of tiny hair growing - most of these are strong and healthy. I do get compliments about my hair :-)! [After getting diet sorted out and taking supplements as per her hair sample test.]
Hair starting to grow back slowly , can see improvement. Digestion has improved after new diet, much less diarrhoea. Scalp is better. [This is after 9 weeks on the supplements and food exclusions that were tested with the big hair sample test. Vera Peiffer]
Hair shown significant changes, still shedding but slowed down a lot. Thicker texture, new regrowth, cleaner scalp. Good nail growth. Anxiety levels dropped, more control when challenged. Clear skin and eyes. Dark circles under eyes gone. [Female client from Australia].
Hair on head has thickened and is best its been in a long time. Still thinner along the parting but improving.
Hair on head at front: There seems to be some new growth around both temple areas. This hair is about 4cm long and is white and there is more on my left temple than on the right {...} Hair on head generally: Probably feels slightly fuller, has a bit more body and a better texture. I had got to the point where I had to dye my hair every 3 weeks as the new growth in my hair parting would be completely white. It is now 6 weeks since I last dyed it. The colour of the new growth is much darker, quite near to my natural colour. Eyebrows: I can feel about 3 hairs on each eyebrow nearest to the middle of my head. Eyelashes: The gaps at the outer edges of my eyes have filled in with new hairs. I can't see them but if I put mascara on they appear. [Female client (49) with scarring alopecia after 14 months on detox and supplement plan.]
Hair loss - decreased loss, some new growth. [USA female client, 43, after 10 weeks on detox program.]
Hair is filling in nicely. Thick and strong. Still not 100% but I'm getting there. I have so much more energy because I now sleep well. Headaches are radically diminished. Nausea, heartburn and tasting food in my mouth have gone. I'm finally beating this and as always am eternally grateful Vera. [Sam W, 39]
Hair growth has come on considerably since I contacted you last year. [Male client with ophiasic hair loss pattern around the back of the head, with bald patches in the beard and on the neck.]
Hair filling in, getting darker and thicker. Crown has just about filled in. SIdes are taking longer. [64-year-old US female client after two re-test with food exclusions and supplements for detox.]
Habe gerade Haare gewaschen. Haarausfall ist immer noch quasi weg. War letzte Woche bei meiner Kosmetikerin zum Wimpern färben und Augenbrauen zupfen. Sie meinte, bei den Wimpern wären jetzt viele richtig dicke Borsten dabei, die waren sonst immer all nur so dünn. Auch beim Haarewaschen ist mir aufgefallen, dass einige dicker wirkende Haare dabei sind.
Haare: gute Fortschritte, sind dick und wachsen gut nach. Weniger Haarausfall. [Hair: good progress, hair is thick and grows well. Less hair loss. Female client, 46].
Haare: ganz viele kleine Haare im Gesicht! und den Händen/Armen! [Hair: lots of little hair on my face, on hands and arms] Female client who has had complete hair loss for 10 years after eight months of detoxing and building up gut health.
Haare: Augenwimpern wachsen, Augenbrauen wachsen auch, aber nicht gleichmäßig. Auf der Kopfhaut kann man winzige Härchen bemerken. [70-jährige Klientin in Rumänien, die 10 Jahre lang an totalem Haarausfall litt] Hair: Eyelashes are growing again, eyebrows are growing also, although not evenly. There are tiny little hairs on the scalp. [70-year old client from Rumania who suffered from complete loss of hair on head and face for 10 years.] My comments: It is quite normal that hair does not grow back evenly to start with after all the hair has fallen out (alopecia totalis or universalis). This evens itself out later on in the process and is no cause for concern.
Haarausfall ist weniger geworden (nur noch etwas mehr beim Harewaschen ... ist vielleicht normal!?) Die nachwachsenden Haare werden dunkler. Guter Stoffwechsel/Verdauung uns so gut wie nie einen aufgeblähten Bauch. [Klientin, 41, mit telogenem Haarausfall seit 2 Jahren] Hair loss has reduced (only a litte during washing the hair... that's probably normal!?) Newly growing hair is darker. Good digestion and hardly any extended belly any more. [German client, 41, with telogen effluvium for the last 2 years.]
Good morning. With joy I noticed a greater thickness of my hair, with a regrowth. Dandruff has disappeared. I no longer have anxiety attacks. The hair is less fat [= greasy]. [Italian male client after 7 months of detoxification on a tailor-made supplement plan.]
Es ist sehr erfreulich - ich habe keine Schuppen mehr, die Kopfhaut juckt auch nicht mehr. Erfreulich ist auch, dass vereinzelt bei meinen "Geheimratsecken" auf der rechten Seite Haare nachwachsen. Insgesamt sind die Haare seitlich sehr dunkel geworden. [I'm very pleased that I no longer have dandruff or an itchy scalp. It is also pleasing that there are the odd new hairs on the right side of my frontal hairline. Overall, my hair on the side of my head has become darker. Austrian client, 36]
Es fallen nur wenig Haare aus und sie fühlen sich kräftiger an und glänzen schön. Es wachsen auch schon dünne neue Haare vorne. Only few hairs are falling out now and they feel stronger and are glossy. There are also some thin new hairs growing at the front now. [German female client, 37]
Dylan's hair growth has been fantastic, almost 100% back to normal. He has not had any stomach aches, bed wetting or constipation. Dylan has been sleeping a lot better and more of it. Thank you for everything you have done for him, we feel like we have our son back. His is thriving and has grown 3" in the last 4 months. Looking forward to hearing your recommendations for his supplements moving forward. All the best to you! [14-year-old boy, USA]
Der Haarausfall ist fast weg, ich habe auch nur noch eine kleine Stelle. Das haben Sie wirklich super hingekriegt. Vielen vielen Dank! Schlafstörungen sind ganz selten, keine Unterleibsschmerzen mehr, keine schmerzhaften Pickel auf der Kopfhaut und keine Erschöpfung mehr. [Deutsche Klientin nach einem Jahr der Behandlung mit Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln.] Translation: Hair loss has nearly completely subsided and I only have one little area [of hair loss]. You've sorted that out really well. Thank you very very much! Hardly any sleeping problems any more, no more abdominal pains, no painful spots on the scalp and no exhaustion any more.
Dear Vera, The detox is going well. My hair is not falling out anymore like before which is a relief! [Male client after 4 weeks on changed diet and supplements.]
Dear Vera, Thank-you for the re-test results. Just to let you know, the hair fallout has greatly reduced recently. [Female client, 37, after 8 weeks on food exclusions and supplement plan.]
Dear Vera, thank you for the results. I managed to get the supplements on time and started taking them. I can notice an immediate difference in my hair it looks a little thicker and hair fall a little bit less! My husband even noticed! [30-year old female client, Middle East.]
Dear Vera, I would like to thank you for the amazing change in my hair after only 4 sessions of treatment. As you know I have had diffuse hair loss for many years and sought the help of a trichologist over a 4 year period. Despite following a programme of treatment with the trichologist, including expensive hair drops and iron supplements, improvement in my hair over this period was disappointing and short lived. I cannot pretend to entirely understand health kinesiology but I can understand the outcome. I am fortunate to have an enormous amount of new hair growth and significantly, the quality of the new hair is the best I have had in years. The icing on the cake is that the hair coming through is my old natural colour of dark brown instead of the insipid light brown and grey it had become. I am thrilled with the speed and quality of the results achived with health kinesiology. Thank you. [female client, 42]
Dear Vera, I want to say how happy I am! Last days I looked at my hair and I was really surprised to see some new hair in EVERY single area that before was without any hair!!!! I can see them very well on the scalp. In only 4 week!!! That's GREAT!!! I am doing everything that you told me to do, and I feel a lot of improvement in my emotions in last weeks. So, Vera THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED!!! [Italian female client 4 weeks after starting supplements that were tested in Test 5.]
Dear Vera! Remember how I cut my hair short, well I can tell that its growing back thicker fuller and blacker thanks to you! [US male client, 32]
Dandruff is reduced and much smaller, itchy scalp is not itchy any more. The hair fall has significantly reduced but did not stop yet. My hair looks much better, however, I am not sure if I can see new hair yet. AA [These improvements were achieved after only eight weeks of taking specific detox supplements. New hair growth is normally only possible after a minimum of four months, so this is a very good initial result for this female client from the Middle East.]
Beim Haare waschen gehen mir jetzt weniger bzw. fast kaum Haare aus, beim Kämmen hat sich die Anzahl auch leicht reduziert. (When I wash my hair, I'm losing less, actually hardly any hair any more. Also when combing less hair comes out.)[Female client, 22, 10 weeks after changing her diet and taking supplements.]
An den Rändern meiner Geheimratsecken bilden sich die ersten neuen Haare. Das ist wirklich super ... ich kann es noch gar nicht wirklich fassen! [Nach einjähriger Behandlung mit Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln zur Ausleitung von Toxinen.]
After the hair sample test, I started taking the supplements that Vera had found for me. After only 8 weeks, my hair had improved dramatically. It is shinier, in better condition and more manageable and it feel less thin on my scalp which has lost its former angry redness. The scalp feels more relaxed, the hair also feels stronger and has more life in it, is less porous and less frizzy - taking much longer to dry after shampooing because there is more of it.
After having had most of my amalgam fillings removed, I hardly shed a hair now when I brush or wash. Happy days 🙂 [Male client from Ireland, 33]
A young woman of 27 came with very serious hair loss which she had had for eight years ever since she had had a very stressful period as an au pair abroad. Her hair had always been fine, but now the scalp was shining through everywhere. Her hairs were like whisps. We had to work with health kinesiology for about ten sessions when her hair started looking darker and fuller again. When she came in for her last session, the difference was quite visible, and her hairdresser had also remarked on how her hair had improved.
A young man of 24 came to see me. He had had problems with his hair since the age of 14 when he had developed thinning hair on his crown. He was eating a lot of junk food, drank lots of diet coke and was also severely dehydrated. We started with a little tidy-up of his diet by reducing junk food and increasing water intake. At the same time, eight sessions of health kinesiology were necessary to allow his body to rebalance itself and allow nutrients to get into the cells. At his last session, he sported a shorter hairstyle and showed off his clearly denser hairgrowth.
A male client, aged 62, came to me for hair loss problems. He had noticed how his hair had started falling out a lot during washing which was unusual for him as he had a very good head of hair, with none of the usual problems of receding temples or thinning crown. After three sessions of health kinesiology, his hair loss had stopped and after a further three weeks, he noticed that his hair looked fuller.
A male Asian client came very distressed because his full head of hair had started reducing to half the volume he had before. His hair was coming out when he was washing it, and he would always find hair on his pillow in the morning. He couldn't understand why this was happening. Nobody in his family had problems with their hair. In addition, he also suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. On checking with my food test kit, I found that he had multiple allergies and had to stay away from some foods which he ate a lot of. He had already stopped smoking and now also stopped drinking as he proved to be allergic to every single type of alcohol. Once he had made these adjustments, the hair stopped falling out. With a couple more health kinesiology sessions, his hair quality started improving.
A female client (32) came to see me with total hair loss on the entire body. This had occurred after part of her thyroid had been destroyed in a medical procedure which was supposed to cure her overactive thyroid. As a consequence, she now had an underactive thyroid and had lost all her hair overnight. We started health kinesiology treatment and found that her body was unable to recognise and metabolise a number of important nutrients. We corrected this through a number of health kinesiology procedures, and after ten sessions, her hair started growing again.
A client in her early 60s came with a number of health problems. She suffered from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel, panic attacks, anxiety and alopecia areata. With health kinesiology treatment, the hair started growing but it kep falling out again and again, despite numerous sessions. She had a great number of crowns in her mouth which had been put in a long time ago. Initially, my client was very reluctant to go to a dentist as this would have meant financial outlay for having to have the crowns removed and replaced. However, when her own dentist told her that some of the crowns needed replacing, I was able to persuade her to see the dentist I work with who specialises in amalgam removal. He found that there was an area of serious inflammation in her mouth, and on removing one crown found that there was amalgam inside. Gradually, she had all the crowns with amalgam replaced and the difference in her hairgrowth became quickly apparant. The hair started growing better and more quickly without falling out again.
A 47-year-old lady came to see me for Health Kinesiology. She had been having problems with her hair since giving birth to her third child, and over the last five years she had lost a lot of hair. Conventional therapy with Minoxidil made even more hair fall out, and iron supplementation prescribed by a hair specialist only resulted in limited improvement of her diffuse hair loss. When I checked her, it turned out that she had two amalgam and one gold filling. I explained to her that this is a particularly bad combination as the different metals create currents in the mouth that disturb the body's functioning. My client had the amalgam fillings changed for white fillings and we tested for the right detoxifying herbs for her to take for six weeks after the dental treatment.. After a couple of health kinesiology sessions, her hair was visibly darker and fuller. She does not have to take any iron supplements any more as the health kinesiology helped her body to correctly metabolise iron from the food she is eating.
[From an US female client who has had 12 years of severe telogen effluvium] "I see lots of little hairs poking out all over my head. Definitely thicker and in great shape. The sides have really thickened up."
Thank you for all you have done, Vera. My hair is growing so much better! [Mrs S.W. (67), UK.]
She has hair growth everywhere on her head!! Her hair is very thick just as it was before the hair loss. She has some hair that is still blond highlight color but most of it has turned red color like she was previously. [US mother of 14-year-old girl who had lost all her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.]
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