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Corona virus advice

My blog today is not linked to hair loss, but as there are so many people worried about the Coronavirus outbreak, I wanted to dispel any myths that currently circulate. A recent Radio 4 programme stated that there was no proof that either Vitamin C or garlic were a viable option to combat this virus or protect you from falling ill with this virus and that there was no scientific evidence that either of these natural supplements work. This is incorrect, and I was shocked that a reputable UK radio programme was so poorly informed.

Please note:

Anti-bacterial hand sanitisers will only work if they have an alcohol content of at least 70 percent. Any less alcohol content will kill bacteria but not viruses.

Do wash your hands frequently and wash them thoroughly. Follow the instructions in this video:

Avoid touching your face.

Garlic is a potent remedy against both bacteria and viruses.

Vitamin C is a potent remedy which helps prevent infections.

Spray your mouth and the back of your throat with colloidal silver if you start getting a sore throat. You can also use colloidal silver to disinfect your toothbrush after each use during the flu season. However, only use colloidal silver when you have cold or flu symptoms. Do not use it regularly as it can build up in the body.

Hope this helps, folks. Stay well and stay calm.


The information in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, or consider that you might have been exposed to the coronavirus, follow the advice of your health authority [the UK’s NHS advice is fairly detailed and useful wherever you may live]. This will typically mean staying at home and avoiding close contact with other people.

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital and, in the UK, use the NHS 111 coronavirus service to get advice on what to do.

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