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Hair loss and 5 foods you need to avoid

At my Chichester practice in West Sussex, I often get enquiries from women who are in perimenopause (= the time before the menopause) or in menopause who are concerned that they are losing hair when they have always had good and strong hair growth before.

Why does hair loss occur during menopause?

The reason why hair loss in women can occur during menopause, and in some cases also during perimenopause, is that with the loss of your period, you are also losing a valuable detox facility.

During your period, your body discards the monthly buildup of the lining of your uterus (womb) so that menstrual blood and tissue can flow from the uterus into the vagina. Together with your menstrual blood and tissue, your body also discards any toxins that are stored in your system. So once you no longer have your period, toxins and cell debris that would normally be eliminated now stays in the body and is being stored in the fatty tissue of your body, for example the breasts, the thighs and the belly. Once these toxins build up, the liver and kidneys have to work much harder to eliminate waste and toxins, and that is when hair thinning and/or hair loss occur.

In a situation where an excess of toxins has accumulated, the body uses any energy which is coming into your system via the food you eat to keep your heart and brain going as a priority; in other words, your body switches into emergency mode. While we women treasure our hair, your body could not care less! It just wants to keep us alive.

So what’s the solution?

During my 23 years of dealing with men’s, women’s and childrens’ hair loss issues, I found that the best way of helping my clients is to find out which toxins in the body are causing problems problem and which food intolerances are present. I can then test for a tailormade supplement plan which will help to initiate a detox process. These supplements, all available in health food shops and online, help produce clean and nutritious blood supply to go to the roots of your hair and to the follicles so hair can grow normally again.

If you experience hair loss before or during menopause, please look at what testing can do for you and click here.

16 thoughts on “Hair loss and 5 foods you need to avoid”

  1. I drink daily blue berries smothie is that bad?
    Because it have a lot of antioxidants or shoud i stop drinking this ?

        1. I cannot answer your questions because I don’t know how many blueberries you have and how much water you drink. Having blueberries will NOT bring your hair back to good health. Please don’t have blueberries every day or you will become intolerant to them.

  2. Dear Vera,
    I used to swallow 1 teaspoon of chiaseed and 1 teaspoon of flexseed raw than i drink them with water
    If that’s bad , can i grained the seeds than swallow them with water?
    Or i have to soak them first?

    My second question to you
    You said that we have to eat no more than 2 small pieces of fruit
    How we can get the right amount of antioxidants ? And also you said eat no more that 2 tablespoons of meat and eggs daily
    I feel that’s impossible because i eat 2 eegs aday and more than 2 tablespoons of meat like chicken breast and fish
    It’s okay?

    1. The chia seeds and flaxseeds won’t do anything for your hair growth. Most people who have hair loss issues have a leaky gut, and leaky gut is not healed with seeds, even if you soak and grind the seeds. Another problem for people with hair loss is sugar, and fruit, especially tropical fruit, contain too much sugar which means the body cannot detox. Concerning meat/egg/fish consumption, you DON’T HAVE to eat more than 2 tablesppons a day but you can eat more, but eggs are extremely fatty, so I suggest you reduce consumption of eggs to maximum 2 eggs a day on 5 days a week maximum. – To help your hair, you need minerals which detox and help build hair, together with the right diet, and that is what I’m offering with my tests.

  3. Hi Vera,
    I drink daily blueberries smothie
    I just add water to them and drink it
    Is that bad? Because blueberries have a lot of antioxidants

    1. Vary your fruit a bit, Palina. If you have the same fruit every day, you can become intolerant to it.Also, antioxidants are not the solution for your hair loss issues. You need to find out why your hair is falling out and then take the supplements that can deal with any toxicities. Blueberries won’t achieve this, but they are nice to eat.

  4. I’m so happy to find you Vera!
    What do you prefer
    Sleeping with wet hair of blowdry it before sleeping?
    And what is the best time to wash the hair?

    1. Hi Rosalina, I suggest to blow dry your hair before going to bed, but only use the warm setting, not the hot one. If your hair is short, you can also let it dry by itself. If your hair is healthy, is doesn’t matter whether you go to bed with towel dry hair but if your hair is falling out, make sure it is dry before bed.
      There is no best time to wash your hair.

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