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My own experience with the Coronavirus

Please note that this is a report on my own experience with the Coronavirus. This is not meant to give you medical advice.

In March 2020, I developed flu-like symptoms. I was very tired, had an extremely painful sore throat, felt fuzzy-headed and my whole body seemed to hurt. I was surprised as I had not had a sore throat for years and usually don’t even get a cold, even if everyone else has it. My spontaneous reaction was to bundle up very warm while staying indoors, drinking lots of warm water and having naps throughout the day. I had already self-isolated and followed government rules for washing hands, avoiding leaving the house and social distancing.

Being a health kinesiologist, I tested through all my test kits for viruses and found that I had indeed come in contact with the Corornavirus. I then went to check through all my supplements to see what I needed to take to deal with the virus. As I already had the necessary supplements in the house, I started taking them immediately. After one day, I felt better, after three days, I felt normal again. Tiredness, sore throat, fuzzy-headedness and body pain had gone completely. After all my symptoms had gone and all the following weeks I continued to wrap up very warm and to stay indoors expect for the occasional trip to the supermarket.

I continued to test once every week afterwards to see whether the virus was still in my system, but it always tested clear. However, I did not know whether I had developed real immunity to the virus. I continued to take my supplements without fail every day to make sure my immune system had the strength it needed in case I had a relapse.

A week ago, I started feeling very tired again, had a slightly sore throat and did not feel too well. This happened late afternoon, so I had something to eat and then went to bed early. The next morning, I woke up, still feeling groggy, when I suddenly felt a surge of heat through my whole body which lasted about 30 seconds. After this surge of heat, I felt absolutely fine and normal again. I felt clear-headed, awake and alert and my throat felt normal again. The difference between before and after the 30 seconds felt like a miracle.

My interpretation of this event is that my immune system had just produced a 30 second fever which killed the virus. In my opinion, this could only happen because I had continued to take the relevant supplements to bolster my immune system. I will continue taking my supplements until this crisis is over. And of course I will continue to abide by the UK government guidelines, stay at home and follow the social distancing rules.

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