Vera Peiffer

Emotions and hair loss

When your hair is falling out, it usually has an effect on your emotions. There are only a few people I have met who shrug and say about their hair loss, “Oh well, it’s just one of those things…!”  For most people, hair shedding which goes on over a longer period of time can be quite traumatic and can lead to considerable loss of self-confidence. At my practice here in Surrey, I found that it makes little difference whether you are a man or a woman – both genders get equally unsettled when their appearance starts to change because hair has fallen out.

Stress causes acidity in the body, and this can make matters worse. The more you get upset by your hair loss, the more it will adversely affect your hair and health generally. I have had clients where the hair loss started just after a traumatic event. If your emotions are on a roller-coaster, it triggers changes in body chemistry. This in turn causes hormonal imbalances, and these can make hair fall out.

It is therefore very important that you deal with your upset. The easiest way of doing this is to learn Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is an excellent self-help method and can be used by children and adults.  It’s easy to learn, quick to apply and highly effective. You can use it for anything, not just for your hair loss. A good website to visit is where you can watch videos on how to do the tapping.

Highly recommended!

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