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Hair loss – finding out what is wrong

Those of you who have been following me over the years will know that I offer a Hair/Nail Sample Test which can determine which metal toxicities, invasive organisms and food intolerances are a problem for you and which supplements you need to take to get your system back in shape so that your hair has a chance to regrow again. As these tests are quite labour intensive, this is reflected in the fee I charge, although I try and reduce the fee most weeks if I can.

I do understand that the higher fee for the Hair/Nail Sample Test will prevent some people from ordering the tests, so I started thinking whether there is another way in which I can help and charge a lower fee. I recently came up with the idea of offering an Assessment Video Consultation (AVC) which I hope is more affordable for those followers who cannot quite stretch to the Hair/Nail Sample Test.

The Assessment Video Consultation (AVC) means that I will be speaking to a client via Skype or WhatsApp so that I can see their hair and areas where the hair is thinning or falling out. Before the consultation, the client will have filled in a questionnaire which will give me important information about their health, diet and other issues that affect hair growth. During the consultation, I will be able to assess which foods are causing my client problems and which supplements they need to take to begin a detox process to help their health and hair to improve again.

IMPORTANT: The AV Consultation will not suit everyone. There are a number of conditions under which I cannot carry out an AVC. Please check what these conditions are here:

IMPORTANT: The AVC will NOT give you information about toxic metals or invasive organisms. Only the Hair/Nail Sample Test can do that.

I hope making the AVC available will help more people with their hair loss problems.

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