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Hair loss – how long does it take to regrow my hair?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from my clients, and a very understandable one. If your hair is not doing well, it is natural to feel anxious about this point. Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question that fits all.

I have had clients where the hair stopped falling out within a matter of weeks and then started growing again within a couple of months. But I have also had clients where it took 3 years before the hair loss stopped and new hair started to grow.

As a rule of thumb, I would say that you have to give it at least one year before you see visible improvements. It can be less, but it’s better to be prepared for longer and then it’s a bonus if the hair loss resolves itself in a shorter period of time.

One of my German clients who was doing the hair sample tests with me dropped out after 4 months, even though her hair loss has reduced slightly. Four months is definitely too early to see results for most people, and it says so quite clearly on the Order Form for the hair sample tests, so it’s a shame she stopped the program.

A male client with MPB got results very quickly after only 3 months – his hair was getting thicker and growing faster. A year later he became very depressed after losing a close friend and his doctor put him on anti-depressants. His hair started falling out again in a big way, and even though he re-started the hair sample tests again, it took 5 (five!!) years before his hair started growing normally again.

You can see that there is no definite answer concerning the time span it takes to resolve your hair loss problem.

The hair sample tests are not a quick fix. It’s not a matter of popping one pill or rubbing some stuff into your scalp. If you want to do that, go ahead. I know what it feels like to be desperate. However, to me, this is not the answer. The  pills are usually  pharmaceuticals which  have side-effects, some of which will not go away even if you stop taking the drugs. I want to know WHY your hair is falling out, which toxicity is causing it and exactly which supplements you need to take to heal your body and your hair.

You are unique, your hair loss is unique, your body biochemistry is unique and your recovery time is unique. How long does it take for your hair to grow back? I would like to give you a more definite answer, but I can’t.

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    1. Dear Grazia, Please have a look at the case histories on the website. We are able to help many clients, but not all of them. If any of your customers want to contact us for a hair sample test, they will have to be able to speak English as we are not able to send results in Italian. Kind regards Vera

  2. Hi Vera, thank you for your information about the hair loss time changes. I would like to ask that I did see a doctor last year and she said I have Andrgenetic Alopecia. She gave Minoxidil for me to use lifelong. I don’t want to use it and haven’t started to. Yet my hair is falling more day by day although I changed my diet. It’s been a few months now. Still my hair is falling. I’m getting bald soon I’m afraid. I can see very clearly my scalp. Please help me grow my hair again. Do you think it’s possible? Or I can’t help but use Minoxidil? I’m from Turkey. I feel so desperate. I’m looking forward to your answer. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rabia, you have done well to change your diet but this is not enough. I’m also glad that you are not using the Minoxidil as this is not addressing the underlying reasons for your hair loss, and it has many side-effects. Your hair is falling out because there is something in your body that distorts your hormonal levels. This could be toxic metals, invasive organisms (parasites or fungi for example) of food intolerances amongst other things. You will need supplements to get any toxins out of your body so that hormonal levels can stabilise again which will then allow the hair loss to stop and new hair to grow again. Please go to my website where you can download an order form for these tests in case you want to do this. You’ll find more information on the first page of the order form, but if you have any questions, please e-mail me at

    2. Dear Rabia, It is good that you have changed your diet, but you will also have to take supplements to detox your body and to support hair growth. You might like to try 50mg of zinc every day for 3 months, but if that doesn’t help, then we could do a hair sample test here to see what is wrong and exactly which supplements you need to take. If you go to the ‘Services’ section of my website, you’ll find further details.

  3. Hey vera, I have thick black hair, I have never had any hair problems. Recently i did a crash diet for almost 2 months which has caused severe hair loss and i think its telogen effluvium. Will my hair grow back? Im taking my normal diet now and viviscal supplement.

    1. Hopefully your hair will be able to recover. Crash diets can be a big problem for hair as there are not enough nutrients going into the body, so the body will use any nutrients to feed the brain and the heart to ensure survival, so nothing is left for your hair.

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