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Hair Loss in Men and Women

I had an interesting e-mail yesterday from a Dutch reader of my book Regrowing Hair Naturally. He said, “If, as you say, hair loss is due to toxicity, how come more men are balding than women?” I thought my answer would be of interest to other subscribers, so here it is.

Women have a few advantages over men.

The first advantage is that women have periods. This is an excellent way for the body to detox once a month. This is also why women often start losing their hair when they go through the menopause – detox is no longer happening regularly or is not happening at all.

The second advantage is that women have genetically more fatty tissue on the body than men. When the body has toxins which it cannot get rid of, it puts it into fatty tissue. (It’s a bit like us putting stuff into the garage or in the loft if we are not quite sure what to do with it.) Thighs, bum and breast tissue in women are obvious places for the body to store toxins, so the body can hold a fair amount of toxins before a woman’s hair is affected. (The reason, by the way, why we still have an increasing number of women with breast cancer, despite all the screening***, is because the breasts are one of the locations where toxins are stored.)

Men have less fatty tissue so there is nowhere for the body to deposit the toxins. The liver and kidneys of a man have to work a lot harder, and the moment they cannot cope any more, hair starts falling out. This is obviously much earlier than if a woman has the same amount of toxins in her body which can be eliminated via the periods and stowed away in fatty tissue.

If a young woman loses her hair, it means that there are masses of toxins that urgently need to be eliminated to stop the problem from getting worse. That is where my hair sample testing comes into its own.

*** To find out more about the dangers of various types of screening, read the excellent book by Lynne McTaggert What Doctors Don’t Tell You or subscribe to their website

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