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Hair loss – keeping your hopes up

You know what the best thing is for me as a hair specialist? It’s when a client who has not had not a single hair on their head starts sending me a hair sample after a year instead of a nail sample. I tell you, it’s a brilliant feeling, both for me and for my client. And it shows that it can be done.

One of the hardest things when your hair is falling out is to keep a positive attitude. Yes, it is “only” hair, but it changes the way you look and it makes you feel vulnerable. Many of my clients started losing their confidence big time because of their hair loss, and many clients avoid dating because they feel that they are no longer attractive. Another fear is that other people may comment in public or make fun of them because their hair is visibly thinning.

I won’t pretend that this is easy. When my hair was falling out at the age of 14, it was my worst nightmare having  to go to school every morning because of comments I was getting. Once I was out of school, it became a bit easier because adults are a bit more hesitant to make loud remarks about you than are children. But it was still hard.

So how do you keep your spirits up?  Here are some tips:

  • Don’t become your hair loss. You are not your hair loss, you are still a person with a life and with aims and with dreams. One of your aims is to get your hair back, but there are other dreams as well. Concentrate on the other dreams until you find a solution for your hair loss.
  • Have an answer ready in case someone makes a remark in public about your hair. If you want to shut them up, say something like, “Well, you know the side-effects of chemotherapy …” and look at them dolefully.  If you can think of something funny, that’s fine too. Maybe your hair is shedding because you come out in sympathy with your cat that is moulting? If the other person keeps on about your thinning hair, tell them that THEIR hair looks like it is getting thinner on top as well. That will stop them, and you can bet your life that they will sneak off to the bathroom to check whether their hair is REALLY getting thinner on top…
  • Take action. If your hair is falling out, something is wrong in your body. Change to chemical-free hair and beauty products, avoid fluoride in your toothpaste (and no, your teeth won’t start decaying – this is a myth!) and start avoiding the foods that I have been speaking about in earlier blogs and in my eBook Help Your Hair. In addition, see a practitioner who works holistically and helps remove the toxins from your body that are causing the hair loss. We here at HairgrowthUK can do that with your hair or nail sample.
  • Don’t bother speaking to your GP/physician about your hair loss. They don’t know anything about hair and will just tell you that a) it is not life-threatening, b) that you need to live with it and c) that nothing can be done about it, and this will make you feel REALLY depressed …
  • Use positive thinking. Keep repeating to yourself: “I love and accept myself exactly how I am now. I’m off to achieve big things and I cannot be help back by trivialities”.
  •  If your partner starts giving you a hard time about your hair loss, the partner has to go, not the hair loss.
  • Watch my video on (Services section) to keep your spirits up.

Hope some of this helps!

Love  xx Vera

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