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Hair loss – looking after your synthetic wig

If you are wearing a wig through choice or because you feel you have to, the wig manufacturers will offer you wig care products. These are not always cheap and are usually full of chemicals. Many of my clients also tell me that they don’t find these products very effective, especially when it comes to making the wig hair move naturally when you wear it again after washing.

When your synthetic wig is new, the hair moves very easily when you move your head. When you bend forward, the hair swings forward; when you shake your head, the hair flies freely around your face, very much like natural hair would do. However, after wearing the wig for some weeks, the hair fibres become stiffer and don’t move easily any more. When the wig hair doesn’t move, the wig start looking ‘wiggy’ which is not what you want if you feel self-conscious about wearing a wig.

There are wig conditioners on the market which are usually in small bottles, very expensive and not very effective (correct me if I’m wrong and you have found a wig conditioner that works well!). This is why I wanted to tell you about an alterative.

When you are washing your wig, wash it in cold water and put a good shampoo in. Faith in Nature, Weleda and Handmade Naturals are good brands here in the UK.

  • Mix a cap full (approx. a tablespoon) of shampoo with the water and gently soak the wig in this for 2 minutes.
  • Rinse out the wig with cold water.
  • Put a cap full (approx. 3 tablespoons) of Ecover Zero Fabric Conditioner into another bowl of cold water and leave the wig in for another 2 minutes.
  • Rinse out the wig with cold water.

The Ecover Zero Fabric Conditioner is fragrance free (you don’t want your wig to smell like your favourite jumper!) and has no colouring in it which makes it very skin friendly on your scalp. It also helps your wig look very natural after washing because the wig’s hair fibres become soft and bouncy and will swing again around your head just as when the wig was new. Cheaper, more skin friendly and more effective than the wig conditioners which are full of chemicals!

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