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Hair loss – self-help to reduce electro-magnetic smog

We are surrounded by electro-magnetic smog these days. Phone masts, cordless phone waves (which go through walls and ceilings!), mobiles, WiFi and signals from all kinds of electronic devices are now everywhere. While I recommend to my hair loss clients to go back to corded phones and at least switch off their WiFi at home before they go to sleep, it is becoming increasingly difficult  to completely avoid exposure to electro-magnetic smog.

The following exercise will not stop your hair loss, but it will allow the structures in your brain to work properly. This is especially important if you work a lot with computers or if you have problems sleeping or if you generally feel a bit fuzzy-headed.

As a health kinesiologist, I show my clients a very simple way of dispersing electro-magnetic smog with a hair dryer. This process is called ‘degaussing’. A hair dryer has a motor with alternating electric current, and it is this alternating current which is able to break up and disperse electro-magnetic smog.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Plug in your hair dryer and set it to a cool setting.
  • Turn the motor side of the hair dryer towards you and move the hair dryer over your head, arms and hands and legs and feet, keeping the dryer approximately 5 inches/12 cms away from your body.

Have a look at the video that my colleagues at Health Kinesiology UK have put together to see how it is done.

When you are doing the degaussing yourself, it will obviously be tricky to run the hair dryer across your own back, but I find it still works if you just concentrate on your head, your hands and your feet, especially the soles of your feet.

A word of advice: when you run the motor end over your head, make sure you stay away the suggested distance with the hair dryer so your hair doesn’t get sucked into the dryer.

Let me know how you are getting on with this.

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