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Hair loss – toxins in ‘healthy’ cereals

If your hair is falling out, toxicities in the body are a major problem. Frequently, it is metals, invasive organisms and food intolerances that prevent the digestive, hormonal and nervous systems from working optimally. When there are toxins, health begins to deteriorate and hair starts falling out.

Dr. Mercola in his November 2018 article points out that lots of breakfast cereals contain toxic levels of glyphosate, a weedkiller produced by Monsanto, now owned by Bayer. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup and causes disruption of enzyme production, prevents mineral and amino acid uptake into cells and inhibits pituitary release of thyroid stimulating hormone. In addition, Roundup has also been linked with cancers.

Thousands of individuals have filed suit against Monsanto, blaming Roundup for their Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The first case to go to jury trial resulted in a guilty verdict, and Monsanto was ordered to pay the plaintiff, Dewayne Johnson, $289 million in damages.

Cereals that are linked with a damaging amount of glyphosate levels are Cheerios breakfast cereals, Quaker Oats products, Nature Valley granola bars and Back to Nature classic granola.

Make sure you eat organic to avoid the health hazards linked with contaminated cereals. Remember: toxins make hair fall out!

To read the entire article by Dr. Mercola, click here.

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