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Regrowing hair naturally – Case History 1

A 69-year-old female client came to see me with severely thinning hair which was very distressing to her. She was very well presented andattractive but felt that her thinning hair was making her feel self-conscious and unconfident.

When she came to see me for an initial consultation, we talked things through and I had a look at her scalp which showed no problems. I then suggested to her that I take a small hair sample from the area nearest the neck to check what was causing her hair to thin.  Apart from the thinning hair, she also felt very anxious, had problems with her digestion and overall felt quite depressed and hopeless.

There was an issue with toxic metals, but it turned out that her biggest problem was the food she was eating. She was intolerantto a number of everyday foods which she had been eating regularly every day. When she received her test results a week later, she was quite upset that the results told her that she needed to cut out wheat and a few other items from her diet. She assured me that this was too arduous and she couldn’t see how she could possibly have a life without those foods. – In addition to changing her diet, she had to take a number of supplements which were addressing the metal toxicity.

Luckily she decided to give it a go anyway and after only one week found that she felt substantially better. Even though her hair was the same, her mood had lifted and her digestion had improved. After 12 weeks, she was able to see new hair growing.

She wrote to me to say, “Dear Vera, This is just a quick note to update you on my present position. I’ve carried out your instructions to the letter and have to say that I am feeling much, much better all around. My hair is definitely gowing back (lots & lots of long hairs sprouting up in the front!) and although the sides are growing back too, they are at a slightly slower pace than the frontal hair.”

All case histories are genuine and letter/e-mails from clients can be inspected at my practice. The surname of clients and other personal details are of course blocked out to protect confidentiality.

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