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Hair loss and hypothyroidism
If you have toxins in the body, they can very easily affect your thyroid. One of the most common effects is that the thyroid is no longer functioning at its optimum level. When you have an underfunctioning...
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Emotions and hair loss
When your hair is falling out, it usually has an effect on your emotions. There are only a few people I have met who shrug and say about their hair loss, “Oh well, it’s just one of those things…!” ...
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Soya and hair loss
Soya is a very common food allergen and it has a very important connection with hair loss. Soya is loaded with trypsin inhibitors. Trypsin is an important enzyme that helps with the digestion of proteins....
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Regrowing hair naturally - Case History 1
A 69-year-old female client came to see me with severely thinning hair which was very distressing to her. She was very well presented andattractive but felt that her thinning hair was making her feel self-conscious...
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Leaky Gut Syndrome and hair loss
Nutrients that have been properly digested will normally pass through the  lining of the gut into the bloodstream.  The blood then carries the nutrients through the body to the various organs and glands...
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EMF disturbances and hair loss
I have a number of clients where electro-magnetic field disturbances (EMFs) have caused problems with their hair. The body has its own electro-magnetic field as the body is essential electrical in nature:...
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