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Hair loss - looking after your synthetic wig
If you are wearing a wig through choice or because you feel you have to, the wig manufacturers will offer you wig care products. These are not always cheap and are usually full of chemicals. Many of my...
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Hair loss - how long does it take to regrow my hair?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions from my clients, and a very understandable one. If your hair is not doing well, it is natural to feel anxious about this point. Unfortunately, there is...
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Hair loss - keeping your hopes up
You know what the best thing is for me as a hair specialist? It’s when a client who has not had not a single hair on their head starts sending me a hair sample after a year instead of a nail sample....
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Hair loss - new ebook just out!
Many of you will already have read my first book Regrowing Hair Naturally which contains information about my research into hair loss and its causes, together with a  number of self help methods. Regrowing...
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Hair loss and fasting
I have a number of clients who need to fast for one month a year for religious reasons. This is quite difficult for me when these clients come  and want me to do a hair or nail sample test and give them...
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Hair Loss in Men and Women
I had an interesting e-mail yesterday from a Dutch reader of my book Regrowing Hair Naturally. He said, “If, as you say, hair loss is due to toxicity, how come more men are balding than women?”...
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